Shwa for Vietnamese
Xua cho việt

The current Vietnamese orthography, Quốc Ngữ, has several problems:

Shwa solves all these problems.

This page describes the letters used to write the Northern dialect. Southerners may spell things differently, but they use the same letters.


Consonants Labial Coronal Retroflex Palatal Dorsal Glottal
Tenuis p t tr ch c k q (no initial)
Aspirated th
Implosive b đ
Unvoiced ph x s kh h
Voiced v d r gi g gh
Nasal m n nh ng
Lateral l
Semivowel u o i y


Vowels Front Central Long Back
High i y ư u
Mid ê â ơ ô
Low e ă a o
Centering ia iê yê ưa ươ ua uô

Front Central Long Back
High ưi ui
Mid ây ơi ôi
Low ăy ai oi
Centering ươi uôi

Front Central Long Back
High iu ưu
Mid êu âu
Low eo ău ao
Centering iêu ươu

The three centering diphthongs function as vocalic nuclei, and can take off-glides y w and on-glide w like the monophthongs.



Tones ngang sắc ngã
huyền hỏi nạng

Vietnamese is written in Character gait, with Breaks between syllables and Spaces between words. A syllable with no apparent initial, or with initial w, is spelled with a Catch.


Hồ Chí Minh

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