Shapes Overlay Keyboard

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to make yourself a pretty useful Musa keyboard is via the use of a keyboard overlay, or in our case, keycap stickers. Here's what that looks like:

And here's a set of keycap stickers you can print and stick or glue onto your keycaps:

The top three rows are for a QWERTY (English) keyboard. But if you're using a QWERTZ (German) keyboard, an AZERTY (French) keyboard, or something else, use the replacement stickers to put the shapes in the correct positions. You'll also need to change the key assignments in the Musa Keyboards Settings.

To use your new overlay keyboard, you have to be running the Musa Keyboards agent, which you can download from the Musa Keyboards page. One of the choices in the Musa Keyboards menu is "Keyboard Overlay" - that's what you'll need. When it's running, your normal keyboard keys now enter Musa shapes. You can switch back and forth using the Scroll Lock key.