Shwa for Malay
Syua untuk bahasa Melayu

Malay is the national language of Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and (with 3 others) Singapore. Since 1972, these countries share the same orthography based on the Roman alphabet, which is generally good except for a few flaws:

Shwa solves all these problems.


Here are the consonants of Malay, with the current letters in black and IPA in green. Foreign sounds are on yellow.

m m n n ny ɲ ng ŋ
p p t t c ʧ k k
b b d d j ʤ g g
w w s s y j h h
l l r r
f f sy ʃ kh x
v v z z ' ʔ

In Malay, the final -ng in prefixes meng- and peng- assimilates to the following consonant, and this is written in Shwa (as it is in the current orthography).

Final k is pronounced as a Catch and written as , while h is pronounced and written as a Break  except when between two copies of the same vowel.


The standard languages use 6 vowels, but two more (in pink) are used in some dialects.

u u
e e e ə o o
e ɛ a a o ɔ
au aw ai aj oi ɔj

Malay is written in the Syllabary gait.


Now that you've learned the letters, why don't you try reading a sentence?

Satu bahasa tidak pernah cukup.

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