Shwa Lesson 2: Hisses

In the first lesson, you learned the consonants . In this lesson, we'll teach you some more consonants.

vf dhth zs zhsh djch

These five pairs all include a voiced consonant and its unvoiced twin. Most of the transcriptions are good guides to the pronunciation, but:

You'll notice that the bottom of the  pair isn't the same as the bottom of the  letters from lesson 0, even though they're all pronounced at the front of the mouth. That's because  are spoken with the bottom lip against the top teeth, while the others are all lip against lip.

Ready for a quiz? Choose the right letter for the first sound in each word.

   

Now choose the right letter for the last sound in each word.

   

Change the gender of the following. There are some letters you don't know yet, but just read through them.

       
 
 

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