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Home Page Chinese Lesson 0: Stops
Questions Spanish Lesson 1: Short Vowels
Quick Look English Lesson 2: Hisses
Principles Hindi·Urdu Lesson 3: Long Vowels
Vowels Arabic Lesson 4: Glides
Consonants Bengali Lesson 5: Intonation
More Positions Portuguese
More Voices Russian
Suffixes Japanese
Accents Punjabi
Punctuation German Try Shwa: Downloads
Gaits Malay Shwa Editor
Letter Names Vietnamese Shwa Calculator
Letter Reference Korean Shape Names
Digital Shwa French English Letters
The Keyboard Tamil Font Table
Cursor Keys Turkish
Numerals Italian
Arithmetic Notation Farsi
Hungarian Janus Numbers
for the English alphabet Swahili Physical Units
for other Latin alphabets Quechua Social Units
for all other alphabets Swedish Shwa Logic

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