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for the English alphabet Questions Chinese 中文 Lesson 0: Stops Font Downloads
for other Latin alphabets Quick Look Hindi·Urdu Lesson 1: Short Vowels Font Table
for all other alphabets Principles Spanish español Lesson 2: Hisses Font Test
为什么目卅字? Vowels French français Lesson 3: Long Vowels Keyboards
¿Por qué Musa? Consonants Arabic العربيّة‎ Lesson 4: Glides Musa Keyboards Agent
Почему Муса? More Positions Bengali Lesson 5: Intonation Musa Keys App
Pourquoi Musa? More Voices Russian русский Reference Falcon Keyboard
なぜ ムサ? Why? Suffixes Portuguese luso Learning Aids Shapes Overlay Keyboard
Warum Musa? Accents Malay Shape Names Transliteration Keyboards
Why a New Alphabet? Intonation German deutsch Picture Alphabet Web Keypad
Welcome to the Latin Alphabet! Punctuation Japanese 日本語 Color Vowels Scratchpad
Fixing the Latin Alphabet Gaits Swahili Vowel Nicknames Transcribers
Fixing the English Alphabet Letter Names Punjabi English Letters English Transcriber
Musa vs. IPA Letter Reference Turkish Color Digits 中文转换器
Allophonic Spelling Digital Musa Cantonese 廣東話 Manipulables Transcriptor Castellano
Dialects & Standards The Keyboard Tamil Fun with Musa Русский Переписчик
Transcription Numerals Korean Musa Cartoons Japanese Composer
中文汉字 Chars Arithmetic Notation Vietnamese Mumble Game Vietnamese Transcriber
汉语拼音 Pinyin Italian italiano Flash Card Quiz Yoruba Composer
Hausa Shape Names Quiz Транслит Қазақ
Thai Digits Quiz IPA Transcriber
Farsi Rubaiyat
Ambassadors Janus Numbers Kazakh қаз каз
Press Release Physical Units Catalan català
Vendors Campaign Social Units Swedish
Name Change Janus Calculator Quechua
Legal Matters Janus Logic Hebrew
Acknowledgements Inuit

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